Never thought To Tell


It’s not possible to be together every moment
although absence is intolerable
missing the smell of you awakening
the fuss of your kitchen attentions
the walks altho you eschew my ritual
the nodding off, in the morning light

It’s between times for us both, no question there
you’ve got matters left to settle
the ending of one cold long sad time
the details of doing things right
tho that dog sitting annoys me because
it’s not about the dog, (for me.)

The telephone’s one necessary appliance
until you I never picked up
it’s something special , your efforts
the sharing of each tiny happening
long tales – things done throughout many years
you tell of so many things.

All said in trust, told taken in complete faith
you believe yourself to be safe
I never thought to mention how
your voice , through a medium despised
is the most beautiful sound today
you are my own sweet heart.

— ring—-


Extra Edition


It’s not that I’m maliciously capricious. Superstitious.
It’s more that I’m competitively auspicious. Expeditious.
Patron Saint of the Students, old Aloysius,
Carried on amid plagues, beautified after death
That’s nothing to aspire to, in this Extra Edition.
I’d much rather hang on. Paid full price for admission.




Going all the way to Wonderland
One twitchy White Rabbit at a Time
Following a Pack of Cards
Wallowing in whacks of words
Jumping through
Looking Glasses in rhyme.

Cheshire Cats & Smoking Caterpillars
Illusions trying to distract me
A Jabberwocky Song
Tweedle Dee & Dum
Characters I meet
Who meet the character me.

Oh Wonderland,why is it all sideways?
Why does the end have to beginning be?
I can run backwards fast
And still come in dead last
Without a reflection
Who is this new me?

Going all the way to Wonderland.
Every mile ahead is two behind.
I still intend to go.
I will pretend you know
That each adventure’s
Fun fabulous and fine.




One Idyll’s over, one’s soon to be
One quiet place with sanctuary
My Church is within
Despite Original Sin
Nothing unique, just the ordinary.

We live We love We wander
We sing We sob We wonder
Humanity divine
Divinity Human
We live We love We wander.

My Magic’s been on hold – line one
Sparkles not withstanding- it’s hibernation
The only Spell that works
Is the old chemical jerk
The Oxytocin Serotonin fun.

We live We love We wonder
Why singing removes sorrow
Loving hugs that heal
Presence makes it real
We live We love We wander.




Were I to look up from examining my navel,
a pursuit that has proved to be been nothing but painful
I may indeed find that my insides are still playful
not totally tied up in complete betrayal
I’m faithlessly grateful
I’m gracelessly faithful
I’m stupored but stable
a fatalist fable.

Were I to look beyond my smothering blunders
actively done, my patent emotions asunder
I may indeed see that my telephone number
has received softer speeches from my opposite number
I’m a most stunning sufferer
A real wild eyed wonderer
I’m a junkie that shudders
from erotic hungers.

Oh to be free of the bondage of me!
But that would mean erasing all memory.
I’ll cradle the silences, await your cast spell
I’ll pray for some guidance, deflate my ego.
I”m pretending prettily
I don’t mind the big city
While we differ and defer
to each other’s differences.

I bob along.


From The Shadows


To the morning from the shadows, I come, I come
From the blackness in the darkness, I run, I run
when the first sharp ray of dawn strikes, anon,anon
Will I still be who I was when we were one, yes one.


From the shadows to the morning, I call, I call
To the ones who stand in brightlight o’er the wall, the wall
You who went on bravely ahead, just ahead
Leaving me to live while you stay dead, so dead.


To new mornings without adornings, I stare, I stare
To go on without my armour, I dare, I dare
When that first sharp ray of sunrise beams me blind, so blind
Will the chorus rise behind me, in kind, in kind?



Date Night


Every Friday for 3.33 years
ill boded that number
But living is not counting
it comes to the fore
by these recountings

Date Night. A time made special
A time reserved respected
A time for me to make up for
all those decades of busyness.
A place marked as mine.

Movies, popcorn, M & M’s mixed in
The first time He saw it
He moved the bag in horror
spilling down the aisles
Even my favourites.

Friday is my Dateless Night
nobody else sees the point
They don’t see with His eyes
Their different gal
requires no such thing.

Date Night. I miss Date Night.
Is there ever to be
more moments of such regard
or is that gone too?
Being worth some bending.